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"The single biggestproblem withcommunication is the illusion that it hastaken place."

We founded Stanwick Dunham with a singular purpose - to construct projects limited only by our clients' imaginations.

From the earliest days of the project through move-in and occupancy, we focus on providing the best experience possible. We achieve this objective not only via world-class structures and style, but by building personal connections that endure well after the construction process has come to a close.

stan dunham

Part artisan, part designer, and full craftsman, Stan dreams big, and delivers even bigger. While engaging the curriculum during carpentry classes years ago, he challenged his instructors, who sought to relegate him to standard designs and off-the-shelf tooling. To the chagrin of his teachers, Stan was already exploring advanced wood carpentry and construction. Instead of the designs that were in the book, Stan was more intrigued by the designs that weren't in the book. And instead of the tooling that was on the shelf, Stan was more interested in engineering the tooling that wasn't on the shelf. Over the years, Stan's carpentry portfolio has encompassed everything from furnishings to fiddles.

....and you've got to see the skateboards.

Are you considering another builder? And does that builder claim a level of expertise in craftsmanship? If yes, we suggest you try this simple experiment....ask to see their wood shop. Pause, and then listen carefully to the answer. If the builder next talks to you about the skill of their subcontractors, you've just learned a very important lesson about that builder's capability...as well as their integrity.

Stan is a true artist who would love to talk to you about your vision. For just such a chat, please feel free to contact Stan at stan@stanwickdunham.com

jeff stanwick

Jeff is perseverance. And Jeff is midwestern roots. With an innate ability to power through a hard day's work, Jeff's earliest jobs found him helping out on local family farms in rural Wisconsin. He grabbed-up as many jobs as he could, understanding that persistence, consistency, and regular care would yield results at the end of the long growing season. With a passion for design, Jeff later earned a civil engineering degree from UNCC. And while a man of lesser character might have chosen to borrow his way through higher education, Jeff refused to take the easy path. He proceeded scrupulously and deliberately in achieving his objective. Financial responsibility is a key commitment to himself, and his clients.

For Jeff, those early fundamental lessons he learned as a young man still hold true today. Hard work, attention to detail, consistent care, anticipating and mitigating risks, and navigating through unforeseen challenges...these are all qualities that yield results. And in the same way that the soil of Wisconsin was brought to harvest years ago, Jeff will facilitate bringing your dreams to fruition, no matter what the obstacle. Jeff refuses to take the easy path. Jeff is hard work. Jeff is perseverance.

Do you have particular challenges that have you concerned about the success of your project?

Let’s grow this project together. Reach out to Jeff at jeff@stanwickdunham.com

charlotte caponi

A veteran of the industry, Charlotte brings an unprecedented level of depth and breadth in her Finance and Administration role with the company. With a scope of responsibility ranging from subcontractor relations to invoice management, Charlotte provides the framework that holds this business together.

You can count on Charlotte as a voice of transparency, integrity, and professionalism. With her well-deserved, impeccable reputation in the industry, survey a contractor or two as you engage in your project due diligence. To a person, you’ll receive the same affirmative endorsement…. Charlotte Caponi is a professional person that you can trust. And if Charlotte has put her years of industry experience, trust, and belief in Stanwick Dunham, you should too.

mike davids

Mike Davids sparks this firm. A true self-starter with a fascination for how things work, Mike grew up on Long Island, surrounded by a family steeped in carpentry and construction. At an early age, he began to cultivate his unique skill for problem-solving, identifying and facilitating unique methods to achieve favorable solutions. By 20, he was leading his own framing crew. And at 23, he launched his own framing company, building some of the most complex homes in the demanding and prestigious Lake Norman area.

In his spare time via the Appalachian Service Project, Mike puts his skills to good use, organizing and leading construction crews in the repair and rehabilitation of homes in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of West Virginia and greater Appalachia.

Want to talk shop with Mike? Setup a time at mike@stanwickdunham.com

bryant rogers

Dynamic personalities yield dynamic results. And as is often the case in the construction industry, some days require a wholistic, long-view to get the ball across the goal line. Bryant consistently brings a level of principled discipline to the Project Manager role that regularly wins the admiration of clients, teammates, and subcontractors alike. A true student of the construction industry, Bryant cut his teeth across a range of projects in the Lake Wylie area. Bryant earned his B.S. in construction Management from Appalachian State University in 2013.

Bryant married his college crush, Madisson, and returned to Charlotte where he established a solid professional reputation managing large renovation and new home projects. In his free time, Bryant enjoys exercise, volunteering at his church, travel, and chilling out with his Bulldog, Monkey.